“Diego finished with the last of the Transcendental Études, Snow-whirls, and truly found his voice. In another example of Liszt’s œuvre as Zen koan, Diego’s crisp attack payed off in emotional grandeur as the whirling tremolo grew into quite a raging storm.”

Robert Bondurant, Charleston Today. 06/03/2011

“With arpeggios flowing light as a feather, our pianist brought the melody front and center in a cascade of beauty. Wonderful!.”

Robert Bondurant, Charleston Today. 07/01/2011

“… one of the most amazing solo piano recitals I’ve heard in some time.”

Lindsay Koob, Charleston Today. 10/12/2011

“(…) Diego Suárez does not shy away from complex, difficult works either. In fact, the higher the mountain and the rougher the terrain, the more Diego likes it. Continuing with Prokofiev, he played the first movement of Concerto No. 2 in G Minor. (…) Those comments speak to the technical challenges of this work, while the music itself speaks to the challenge of trying to corral its free-formed storminess. No matter. The “Music Whisperer,” Diego Suárez, harnessed it with ease and brought to light Prokofiev’s inherent dignity and majesty which, despite repeatedly oppressive circumstances, always found their way in his music.”

Peter Ingle, Charleston Today. 06/13/2012

“Absolutely brilliant! The work is stunning! Liszt can be rather difficult to play well, so this effort is very impressive. I recommend this CD to anyone who loves the composer.”

E. Murray, Amazon Reviewer. 09/21/2012

“It was great to hear him in a concerto by Liszt, who wrote much of the flashiest and most technically difficult piano music of the Romantic era. The piece was chock-full of the composer’s hallmark bravura tricks: giddy runs, glittering arpeggios, scampering chords, and flashing octaves—and Diego dealt with all of these knuckle-busting challenges with considerable skill, consummate musicianship, and cool confidence. Like before, it was quite an experience. The orchestra supported him with gusto and sensitivity.”

Lindsay Koob, Charleston Today. 04/21/2014